Knowledge puffs up while love builds up. – 1 Corinthians‬ ‭8:1

Recognizing When You are Off Course
How often do you look around your workspace and ask yourself, “how did I get here?” You may have started on course but at some point you got into a routine, put your head down, and started plugging along only to find that you were no longer following the same path on which you started and are nowhere near where you want to be. Once you recognize that you are off course, you must make the correction and work your way back toward your original goal. While I was in the middle of some Army training on a land navigation course, I followed the wrong split along a ridge and ended up off course. It was a simple correction to get back on track but it meant crossing a stream and my feet were going to get wet (which makes for a long day). I also had a similar experience with this blog. 

Getting Back on Course 
I took a break from posting to my blog for the past few months to focus on studying for an exam. I am transition back into the routine of writing, so I took a few days to think about my original reasons for writing on leadership. On one of those days the leader of my men’s group read 1 Corinthians‬ ‭8:1‬ and asked the group if our motives were driven by the pursuit of knowledge about God or driven by our love of and relationship with God. His question hit home with me and I realized that over the short time I have been writing, I got away from my original reason for starting a blog. I started writing to create a place to share my thoughts and facilitate discussion. Over time, however, I hesitated to post anything that was not fully refined. I was driven by my desire to portray an image that I was someone who already had an answer rather than someone who is still figuring it out. Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians showed me that I allowed my pursuit of knowledge to puff my ego rather than provide an opening to build relationships. I start this new season of writing with the understanding that the upcoming articles may be less refined. I also understand that removing some rigidity will allow me to test my writing skills while developing my thoughts on the books I am reading, the podcasts I am listening to, or my daily experiences. I truly hope that you enjoy the changes. 

Has something caused you to drift from your goals and what corrections can you make to get back on track?


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